"Did you seen this fish ever after- Garden eels"

Burrowing Experts: They are excellent burrowers. Garden eels dig burrows in sandy or muddy substrates on the ocean floor. They create these burrows by secreting mucus to bind sand or sediment together.

Colonial Behavior: Garden eels are social creatures that live in colonies. These colonies can vary in size, from just a few individuals to hundreds or even thousands, depending on the species.

Multiple Species: There are several species of garden eels, each with its own unique characteristics and distribution. 

Pop-Up Feeding: Garden eels feed on planktonic organisms, such as small drifting animals, by extending their bodies out of their burrows and into the water column.

Nesting Habits: Garden eels are known to build nests at the entrance to their burrows. They lay their eggs near the burrow opening, and the male guards and cares for the eggs until they hatch.

Constant Vigilance: Despite their shyness, garden eels remain vigilant within their burrows. They keep an eye on their surroundings and can quickly withdraw if they sense potential threats.

 Variety of Colors: Garden eels come in various colors, including brown, white, yellow, and even blue. The coloration can vary depending on the species and the specific environment they inhabit.