You should know about this reptile

Crocodiles are ancient reptiles that have been around for over 200 million years.

Crocodiles are highly adaptable and can live in various environments, from freshwater to saltwater habitats.

They have a unique gland called the "salt gland" that helps them excrete excess salt, allowing them to live in saltwater.

Some species, like the Nile crocodile, are apex predators and have been known to attack and consume larger animals, including humans.

Crocodiles have the most powerful bite of any animal, exerting immense force to catch and kill prey.

Despite their fearsome reputation, crocodiles are careful parents. Mothers guard their nests and help hatchlings to water.

Crocodiles can go without eating for weeks or even months, relying on their energy reserves during periods of scarcity.

Crocodiles have a long lifespan and can live for several decades in the wild, with some species reaching 70 years or more.