"Tiny Wonders: The Cutest Baby Animals That Will Melt Your Heart"

Baby elephants are born nearly blind, relying on touch and scent. They use their trunks to explore and bond with others

They are about 6 feet tall at birth and grow rapidly, gaining around 3-4 feet in height during their first year.

They develop rapidly, opening their eyes around 10 days old. In about 3 weeks, they're independent enough to explore, and by 6-8 weeks, they're weaned and ready to live on their own.

They imprint on the first moving object they see, often their mother, and follow her for protection.

Despite their size, they can stand and walk within hours. They stay close to their mothers for protection and guidance.

They are born with white spots that help camouflage them in tall grass. They are scentless for the first few weeks to avoid detection by predators.

They grow rapidly, gaining a lot of weight and blubber to insulate them from the cold ocean waters.

They're usually born in a den and are cared for by their parents and older siblings.