World’s Snake Species

World’s Snake Species

Introduction :

Snakes are a diverse group of reptiles that can be found all over the world, from deserts to rainforests and from oceans to mountains. There are over 3,500 species of snakes, and they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Some are highly venomous, while others are harmless to humans. Some are active during the day, while others are more active at night. Despite their differences, all snakes share some common characteristics, such as a long, slender body with no legs, scales that cover their skin, and a forked tongue that they use to sense their surroundings.

Snakes play an important role in their ecosystems as both predators and prey. They help control populations of rodents and other small animals, and they are an important source of food for larger predators such as birds of prey and carnivorous mammals.

Many species of snakes are fascinating and beautiful creatures that are worth learning about and appreciating. With their unique adaptations and impressive abilities, snakes are an important and fascinating part of the natural world.

Let’s talk about venomous and Non-venomous snake :

venomous snake:

Venomous snakes have specialized glands that produce venom, which is a toxic secretion that they can deliver into their prey or enemies through specialized fangs or teeth. The venom can cause a range of effects, from mild pain and swelling to life-threatening symptoms such as paralysis, organ failure, and death.

Non-venomous snake :

Non-venomous snakes, on the other hand, do not have venom glands or specialized fangs. They may bite as a defensive behavior, but their bites are generally harmless and may only cause mild pain, bleeding, or infection.

Top 10 most lethal snake in world:

The most lethal snake in the world is the Inland Taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus), also known as the “fierce snake”. It is native to Australia and has the most toxic venom of any snake, with venom that is estimated to be around 50 times more toxic than that of a rattlesnake. The venom of the Inland Taipan can cause rapid paralysis and death within as little as 30 minutes if left untreated.

  1. Inland Taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus)
  2. Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis)
  3. Coastal Taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus)
  4. Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis)
  5. Belcher’s Sea Snake (Hydrophis belcheri)
  6. Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus)
  7. Philippine Cobra (Naja philippinensis)
  8. Faint-Banded Sea Snake (Hydrophis belcheri)
  9. Common Death Adder (Acanthophis antarcticus)
  10. Saw-Scaled Viper (Echis carinatus)

Inland Taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus)

Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis)

Coastal Taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus)

Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis)

Belcher’s Sea Snake (Hydrophis belcheri)

Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus)

Philippine Cobra (Naja philippinensis)

Faint-Banded Sea Snake (Hydrophis belcheri)

Common Death Adder (Acanthophis antarcticus)

Saw-Scaled Viper (Echis carinatus)

These are the most venomous snake in the world that are lethal.

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